How to download and install Ubuntu?

There are no doubts that Ubuntu is one of the coolest Linux distros that Linus Torvalds has ever dreamed of. The guys from Canonical are doing a great job to make Ubuntu gain more audience than Geeks and Nerds. The latest releases were equipped with a brand new GUI called Unity that made Ubuntu looks as smooth and sexy as Windows and Mac OS and Mila Kunis. It also allowed the user to do more stuff the graphical way and presented the Head-up display (HUD) which is a great Start-button-like feature. So today we’re going to download and install that baby as if we were in an Install Party. For more infos about Linux and things you have to double-check before installing it visit this article.

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Hurry up man! Show me how to download it!

1- Go to the download page from Ubuntu Website.

Screenshot from 2013-09-17 04:05:27

2- Pick up the second choice (Ubuntu 13.04). On Choose your flavour, you have to know if your PC is 32 or 64 bit for more info see this article.

3- Now you are in the donation page, if you want to give those guys some cash you can do it. Otherwise click on Not now, take me to the download. Boom!  your ISO file will start downloading automatically.

Okay, now I have the ISO file. What should I do? How to make it bootable?

Congrats for the ISO file! Now you should choose the boot method i.e. the way you will install Ubuntu with the available storage device (CD or USB drive). If your going to use a CD it’s pretty simple, you just have to use a burning utility (like Nero) to burn your CD. Then restart your computer, it will directly lead you to the Installation process. You don’t have to worry about the rest of this part of the article, just go straight to the third part.
Now if you are using a flash drive things are a little bit more complicated you have to download and install a software for Windows called LinuxLive USB Creator (LiLi) you can get it right here. For the USB drive I think it should be at least 2 GB in order to avoid any space problems. After preparing the ISO, LiLi and the USB flash drive, watch this video tutorial to make the USB bootable.

Now your USB drive (or CD) is ready for the installation part!

Just one last step! and feel the Linuxation!

Now we will assume that your PC is turned off and the CD is in the player (or the USB is plugged). If you’re using a CD, the Installation process will show up automatically after turning on the computer that’s why you can skip all this paragraph again until you find this smiley 🙂 . However if you’re using a flash drive you should get to the Boot Menu. What is the boot menu? It’s a menu that will ask you to choose which device you want to run. In general it’s the hard drive but in our special case it’s the USB flash drive. When you turn on your computer, first thing you see is a screen with the logo of your PC manufacturer. If you look down this screen you will find the key to press in order to get to the boot menu. For most PCs it’s F10 or F9 or F12 or something like that. PS: You should be quick because the screen goes fast. You should probably get something similar to this, the screen can have different forms and colours depending on the PC :


From this list you should choose the appropriate bootable USB drive and tap enter. 🙂 Now we are in the installation wizard. I will let you with this video to show you all the steps but please listen very well to every word said because it’s so important to make your installation work. There’s also a moment when the guy on the vid will ask you to unplug your USB (or CD) please do it, otherwise c’est la grande noyade (Yeah I pretty good in french :p). Watch out about partitions if you didn’t get that part please stop and ask.

THIS IS IT BABY! You have Linux now! You can check this video about 10 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu. For questions and more informations please be my guest. I love you all ❤


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