How to download YouTube videos

Usually, downloading videos from YouTube is one of the first famous problems for a Web starter. That’s why we give it the honour to be our first serious post. Basically, most of people nowadays use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as a Web browser, and each browser has its own method based on its own Add-on that will do the job.

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Download YouTube videos using Mozilla Firefox :

We will use a special Firefox Add-on called DYVM (Download YouTube Videos as MP4).
1- First go to the Add-on page from here  After 5 seconds click on SKIP AD.
2- Click on Add to Firefox.
3- After a while you should see this dialog box :

4- After 5 seconds click on Install now.
5- Restart your Firefox browser i.e. close the browser then open it again.
6- Congrats! you’ve just installed the Add-on, now you can choose any video you want to download. For example I will choose one of my favourite songs.


7- As you can see a Download button showed up under the Subscribe button, click on it and choose the format and quality of the video you want to download.
8- Félicitation! Open your video from the Downloads folder in your PC.


Download YouTube videos using Google Chrome :

Once again, we will use a special Chrome extension namely, Chrome YouTube Downloader.
1- Go to the download page here After 5 seconds click on SKIP AD.
2- Hit the Download button as in the screenshot and save the file in a special path in your computer

3- Click the wrench in the top right of chrome, and then select Tools, then Extensions.


4- Click and drag the file you’ve just downloaded to the extensions screen. Drop the file there to begin the installation after seeing a message saying Drop to Install as in the picture.


5- Go to any YouTube video and you’ll notice the existence of a Download button next to the Subscribe one. Click on it to download your favourite video. Congrats!

ImageOur tutorial has just ended. For questions please leave a comment and we will answer with pleasure. and don’t forget that WE LOVE YOU! ❤



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